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Thursday, May 27, 2004

So the cat had her kittens, three of them (one must have been still born, that was sad) yesterday. One if black and white, another looks to be like some type of Calico, and the other is gray. I've gotten homes for two of them when they're old enough to leave, still no home for the Calico, but thats a ways off anyway. If I had to keep one I guess I'd go for the Calico. I've alreay got one Calico (looks like a Maine Coon actually, but I'm sure its not) and she is kind of a snobbish cat. She really doesn't like the other cats either. I think the reason for that is that Tory (the Calico) used to be the top cat in the house until Mr. Black came along, now she's like the exiled queen or something.

It is so much easier to ask your parents for money by email than any other way. Before the internet I used to have to call and them sound you know, really needy and forlorn, and it really was not fun. By email you can just tap out your woes on the keyboard and hit send.

I was just thinking this the other day, its been a long time since there's been a free HBO or Stars or Movie Channel weekend. I wonder whats up with that. It used to be every other month one of those companies would do a free weekend, now it hardly ever happens at all anymore. What are us poor or cheap people to do?

My boss just told me that she was watching tv one day, saw a mouse moving accross her living roomg, and she screamed so loud that the mouse fell over and died of a heart attack.

5/27/2004 10:33:00 AM
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