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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Big Science Disappointments
There are a few things about science that kind of bum me out. Not about science in general, but science stuff that we've not done. I know, you can say; "Well, its not like you are doing anything about it.", and that may be true, but still some things bum me out. My list:

1. No Dinosaurs
We've been cloning for like six years now and I've not heard one thing about bring back a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I mean, thats why we started cloning isn't it? I know you can say its for scientific and health stuff, and if your religous you might say its a sin, but we all know that the reason people got into cloining is to bring back a dinosaur. So here it is, years into cloning, and no one has even attempted to clone a T-Rex. Heck, they found a huge frozen wooly mammoth in Russia and they haven't even started cloning that. Sure they cloned a sheep, but big whoop, there's plenty of other sheep so who cares. I want to see a T-Rex in real life. I want my T-Rex!!!

2. Robots That Clean The House
Back, I think it was 1981 or 1982, my family and my Uncle Mark went to Florida on vacation for a couple weeks. We spent two days at Disney and the rest of the time at Cape Canaveral, the beach, Sea World, and all that other Florida stuff. Well, on the first day we were there my sisters wanted to go on Space Mountain, being a big chicken at the time, I wanted nothing to do with roller coasters. (Being a big chicken now, I still don't want anything to do with roller coasters). So while everyone went on Space Mountain, my Uncle Mark took me to the General Electric Home Of The Future show. In the show there were robots cooking meals, changing the litter box, doing dishes, doing laundry, doing everything. Robots were even getting your cloths for you in the morning and making sure you were up on time. They said by the year 2000 almost everything in your home would be automated. So now its 2004 and there is not one single robot doing anything. I mean, we're not even close to having a robot do anything practical. The last time I saw a robot do anything practical was on "Cops" and it was used to difuse a bomb (the bomb blew up along with the robot). This so totally bums me out. The only robot in my house is a Furby, and he doesn't really do much (its almost impossible to get him to say anything, he just sits in the corner, sings, and makes me feed him constantly). He also tells me he's bored a lot. You remember that robot in Rocky 4 that Pauley got for his birthday (the one were Ivan Drago killed poor Apollo)? That was fake, it wasn't a real robot doing all of that. Total bummer.

3. People On Mars
I was thrilled by the space shuttles in the eighties, but I think we space shuttled ourselves out. Ever since the space shuttle started flying we really haven't done much to get to Mars. The rovers are cool, but I wish we had been doing rovers ten years ago. Now, the way its going, I'll be fifty before anyone gets to Mars, and thats being optomistic. I don't want to be in my sixties when someone gets to Mars cause by then I'll probably be old and cranky and care more about what lunch at the nursing home will be then wether someone is on Mars or not. (It just occured to me that the rovers on mars are robots, but they're not doing any laundry so that doesn't count). I'm also bummed out about movies about Mars, there's hardly any good ones. I guess the best most recent one was "The Red Planet" with Val Kilmer and that Sizemore guy. I saw "Mission To Mars" a couple weeks ago and really thought they could have done better than that. Just forget about the "Martian Chronicles", I saw them on Sci Fi a couple months ago and they actually had people walking around and breathing on Mars, and riding in boats and such. You can't blame Bradbury for that though, it was science fiction. So we need to get to Mars, and while we're waiting we need some Mars movies.

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