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Saturday, June 19, 2004


Couldn't really post much this week, we had important people from company headquarters visiting. Thats kind of good and bad. Good cause the important people make a ton of money and buy pizza and soda for us. Bad because you have to dress up and not be hung over or in a bad mood. Yesterday I had one of the important people sitting with me for about a half an hour to see what I do. I spent the whole time thinking that I smelled like garlic chicken because I spilled some on myself during lunch. Thats another thing, when the important people are here you have to eat your meals in the lunch room instead of at your desk. The bummer about the lunchroom is that you have to make conversation with whoever is down there, because you know its polite, and 9 times our of 10 its someone you really don't want to talk to. Besides, I like to read when I'm eating, and you can't do that if you have to talk to someone. Luckily the important people only come by once a year (unless they're laying people off, in which case its grim faced important people who most certainly don't buy you pizza).

This is how I know I am getting old. This morning on the way to work I bought Pink Floyd's The Final Cut at a yard sale for 25 cents (cassette).

Speaking of the Final Cut, I guess thats the album where Pink Floyd pretty much became Roger Waters' back up band (although some might argue that happened with The Wall). I really think had they not broken up after the Final Cut, the next album would have been Pink Floyd Radio Kaos. So that leads you to the inevitable question, which was better, Roger Water's Radio Kaos or Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason. I'd have to go with Radio Kaos (although I did see Pink Floyd on their Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour in Toronto in 1987, when I was sixteen). Although I kind of think Momentary Lapse of reason might be better than the Final Cut. Well, sometimes I think that. Not Now John is better than anything on Momentary Lapse. I can't compare much of their later music (Floyd or Waters) cause I really haven't paid attention to it. I did borrow a copy of Water's Amused to Death some years ago, but thats only because I wanted a copy of the song "What God Wants".

This is interesting. Roger Waters on his album "Radio Kaos"; "Between Ian Ritchie and myself, we really (expletive starting with the letter F deleted) that record up. We tried to hard to make it sound modern. I allowed myself to get pushed down roads that were uncomfortable for me. I should never have made that record." Wow. I wonder if he thinks its better than Momentary Lapse of Reason.

I've had Boy George's "Church Of The Poisoned Mind" stuck in my head since this morning. My biggest fear right now is what if I get into a car accident on the way home and end up in a coma for five years listening to that song constantly?

6/19/2004 09:48:00 AM
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