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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


One thing I found out last week about the new place is that there is a huge section of grass that I am actually responsible for cutting. For the last month I've been cutting my hard to where he fence ends, and I figured the field behind the house belonged to a business that is right next to it. Not so. So now my yard is about ten yards wide and fifty yards long! On Tuesday I had to pay someone (it was only 25 dollars thank gosh) to cut down the high grass so that I could get at it with my mower. So last night I figured the only way I could realistically do the yard is to either spend most of a day off or spend an hour on it three days a week; one day mowing half the yard, second day mowing the other half, and third day raking up all the grass. I mean I like yard work, its fun to be out there, but if it rains early in the week I'll be forced to do it at the end of the week when it might not fit my schedule. Okay, this complaint is getting long. More another day about this.

Bloggers find ways to profit.
So I'm thinking, with my three or four regular readers, if I posted an ad, by this time next year, I might get a nickel!

I just though of something. A year and a half ago I paid to have the blogger ad taken off this page, and I think it was only a payment for like one year of no ad, but they never charged me again and the ad still isn't there, which is doubly cool!

6/02/2004 11:11:00 AM
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