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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Last night the police were at a house two doors down from mine, I'm sure it wasn't a medical thing cause no ambulances or anything showed up, but now I'm dying to figure out what it was about. When we first moved in a few months ago I thought I saw a police car outside the front of that house. Hmmm. The guy that lives there seems kind of seedy, and he's always hanging out on his front porch, so I'm guessing he's unemployed. The girl, who I guess is his wife, I only see on her way to work. My bet is that its a domestic quarrel thing. My next door neighbor's are cool (I'm at the end of the block so I only have one), they have a dog that barks a lot, and a guy who yells at the dog for barking a lot. When he's not around, the wife will fill in and yell at the dog for barking a lot.

This is super cool, they're building a Wendy's two blocks from where I work. On opening day they're going to have a band there (like a high school band).

I wonder if there is some weird internet DNS attack on websites this morning. I get DNS errors when I try to go to yahoo and google news.

Bug Me Not. This is super cool. It gives you passwords to all the newspapers that require registration. Now I don't have to register as 65 year old Jim Morrison from Beverly Hills 90210. Of course since I'm the last person to discover anything cool, everybody probably has known about this for weeks.

6/15/2004 06:28:00 AM
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