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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

So I was all exited about the Venus crossing accross the sun thing, but now where could I find a place where they sold those special glasses so that you can actually watch it yourself. I saw on the news this morning, probably, thousands of people that had them, but not a place around here sold them, so I guess I'll have to settle for video on tv. Which also got me thinking, the folks that watched it back in the 1800's, how the heck did they do that? I mean, they didn't have special glasses back then. I guess they just got their eyes hurt or something.

How does catnip work?

How long can a human survive in outer space?

How do Mexican jumping beans work?

I think it was on CNN last night (might have been Fox) and there were some folks complaining about kids seeing R rated movies, I guess they had passes or something, and there's these parents that are trying to stop it (there must be 700 million groups out there trying to stop just about everything). I remember seeing R movies when I was twelve and it never really bothered me or anyone else I know. Besides, isn't life in general R rated?

So Elizabeth Corday is getting axed from ER, and according to her its cause she is to old. My guess is that the real problem is the show itself is to old. I really have a hard time watching it anymore, I think its gotten to the point where so many things have happened to the characters that its gone from drama to some wierd fantasy show. I don't know that there is an outragous plot line they haven't followed yet. The best thing they could do is replace the show with "Keen Eddie". And you know what? That show takes place in Britain, so she can work on that!

My lawn mower broke and now I look like the one person on the block that doesn't take care of the yard. According to the lawn mower guy, if I drop it off tonight, he'll have it done by friday. My job until friday; try not to be seen by the neighbors, cause I know they're thinking; "Maybe you should cut your grass..."

6/08/2004 06:42:00 AM
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