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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I woke up yesterday morning, was sick as a dog, called off sick thinking I was going to die, and then felt better by 11am. I wonder if that was my sub-concous(sp?) making me take the day off. I got to watch a lot of Battle Star Galactica on Sci Fi (the good original series, not the new stuff). I refuse to watch the new Battlse Star Galactica, if the Cylons aren't going to look or talk like the old cylons, I want nothing to do with it. I read somewhere that Kirk Benedict (one of the coolest people ever) wasn't involved in it cause they didn't want his input (I read that over a year ago, not sure where, and that really bums me out). He has a website, when I find it I'll post it. That is if I don't forget about it completley, I do that a lot.

I've got quite a problem. I can't access my yahoo email account cause I can't remember the password. Since I changed my internet service provider I no longer have the email address where my new password would be sent if I click on "forgot password". I haven't checked the mail in like two months and I think I only have thirty days to figure it out.

"Dude, you got a flat tire." Thats what my co-worker just told me just after I finished my last post. Sure enough, right driver side tire. So I took the bad tire off and put the little doughnut tire on. I hate the doughnut tire. I don't mind driving on it (also I have a new car, so I'm sure its all covered) but for some reason its always embarrasing to drive around on a doughnut tire. Plus I have to find time to go to the dealership and have a new tire put on it. Luckily I don't really have to go anywhere. Of course I'll probably get a call or something saying I have to somewhere now. Another thing I hate about getting a flat at work is all the folks that come by and ask you if you need help. "No, I'm just fine, see, I have a little doughnut tire!" I now what they're thinking too. They're thinking; "Maybe if you hadn't bought a little Hyundai, you'd have a real spare tire." Which of course, is probably true.

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