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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I don't often have to attend meetings here at work (I'm not that imporatant really) but this morning we all had to go one. I think this meeting was the absolutle longest, most grueling one I have ever been to. What made it worse was most of it (it was three hours long) had nothing to do with my job so I didn't even understand the jargon they were using when they were describing stuff. What's worse was there wasn't even a break! And then finally, when it seemed over, they opened the meeting up for questions, and people actually raised their hands! I wanted to scream at them; "for the love of God! Stop! Put your hands down! Get me the (expletive deleted) out of here! Someone pull the fire alarm! Anything! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"

Of course what made it even worse is the fact that I'm a smoker, and I think I have a really small bladder. They did have doughnuts though. That was nice at first, until hour 2 was over and I wanted to chuck my doughnut at someone.

This is interesting, Darcy stopped posting around the same time I did. Maybe its a weird cyclical thing, cause she started right around the same time I did. Of course it may just be coincidence. I do like how a managed to work the word "cyclical" into my post. I wonder if I spelled it right.

You know, I used to be such a mall rat. Growing up in the 80's, that was the place to be on weekend nights. I went to the mall over the weekend to do some Christmas shopping and realized the world has completely changed. The last time I was at the mall was like seven years ago, and only because the mall had a chinese place and I was driving by. So here's my mall observations.

1). I'm old and the mall is scary. The mall is filled with younger kids and the roam in packs. If your by yourself some of them look scary. I guess its the gangster thing. A lot of the kids look like they have 9mm pistols hidden in their jackets, and they have perfected the "mean look". Sometimes they look at you, and you know they are thinking "old person, what are you doing here?" I wish gangster still wore suits and fedoras, thats not too scary.

2). If your a girl, your pretty much supposed to not wear anything when you go to the mall. The half naked look is in. This would have been so totally awesome back in the 80's when I was a kid, but now I accidentally glance at one of these chippys and I feel like a pedophile.

3). You can't play any arcade games for a quarter anymore. Some of them you even need an entire dollar. I stopped at the arcade to play some games just to see what its like now and I spent five dollars in like 3 minutes. The games are so life like now, it doesn't' even seem like a video game. I lost three dollars on this one where you shot zombies, that was kind of cool. But I'd have to make like 100 dollars an hour to justify playing that anymore.
12/21/2004 11:21:00 AM
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