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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Every winter I tell myself I am going to move out of this wintry snowy heck (Pennsylvania), and move to a warmer State. Then every summer I don't do a darn thing about it. Now, I'm still here and its going to snow before I get off work and I'm going to have to drive in it. Great.

Why no posts for six months? Very busy, viruses, and other nonesense. Lets just say I'm glad the last six months are over.

Okay, its raining, if it could just stay rain until 4:30pm, that would be good. I wonder if saying a silent prayer for no snow would do any good. I mean, there's folks out there praying for food, world peace, and other stuff, I doubt my rain prayer would make the Big Man's inbox. Even if it did, wouldn't that be kind of selfish of me? And what about the prayer I made asking for home field advantage throughout the playoffs for the Steelers? It looks like he's answering that one, at least so far (and I made that prayer after we beat the Patriots). Come to think of it, I prayed that we would beat the Patriots, but I think that was more the Steelers playing better then my prayer. I mean, I pray for the right Powerball numbers but I never get an answer on that one. (My old neighbor Spence once told me that praying to win the lottery would just piss off Jesus because its gambling and he mentioned Jesus over turning the moneychangers tables and games of chance. I told him that that was because it was in a holy temple and Mr. Smarty Pants didn't have an answer for that, but he might be right anyway). Okay, this is gone on to long already. Please God, no snow.

12/19/2004 05:34:00 AM
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