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Monday, January 03, 2005

Today is tough. I've had the last three days off and I can barely concentrate on what I'm doing here at work. To make matters worse, the light above my cubicle is out so its pretty dim where I am. I do have the prized cubicle near the window, but its raining so thats not helping. With the dim lights and pitter patter of rain, I've almost fallen asleep three times.

Once again I did not stay up to see the new year turn. I think its because I'm getting old. That or the fact that I switched to hard liquer from beer for New Years eve.

Had some hot tea so I'm feeling more awake. The guy came to put in new lights above my cubicle but her brought the wrong lights. He said he'd be back, but that was like an hour ago. I doubt he'll come back until I all again tomorrow. My comments thingy isn't working, tomorrow, I resolve to get a new comments thingy. I'm sick of having problems with my comments thingy. Hmm, I short list of things that I really don't like.

1). When you are at a store register and they hand you your cash change with you reciept and coins. That should be a three step deal, I'm always fumbling to put all three in their three respective places.

2). Good And Plenty candy. I just cannot stand the taste. I dislike them so much, even watching people eat them makes me feel ill.

3). New Childrens medicine. I noticed in the store the other day, kids have all different flavored medicines that probably taste good. Raspberry, grape, bubblegum...etc. When I was a wee little bit the only flavoring that had was orange, but it wasn't really orange flavoring, it was orange looking and tasted like grimm death. To this day, I don't much care for orange anything. I am so way jealous of kids now.

4). Radio "crazy morning crews". Just give me the wather, road conditions, and if you could play one good song at least twice a year would be nice. If I wanted to listen to crazy people I'd pay more attention to the voices in my head. Besides, we know they're not crazy, or funny.

5). Sattelite radio. I know its probably the greatest thing in the world, but it will be like ten years before I can afford it, so I don't like it. I also don't like all the choices. I spend on an average of thirty minutes at the video store just picking one movie, I certainly won't be able to handle a million stations.

6). Cloned cats, dogs, sheep, etc. Where's the T-Rex? Thats what we really want. That or maybe a woolly mamoth.

1/03/2005 11:20:00 AM
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