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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Very busy day here at work. I'm also watching the wather outside. I leave work at 6pm and the forecast is that there is going to be freezing rain tonight. According to the weather channel's webiste at 5pm it will be 33 degrees here and at 6pm it will be 33 degrees, one degree below freezing. I'm guessing, since its a 30 minute drive home, I shouldn't have any problems. Of course considering that the weather folks are usually wrong about 99 percent of the time I don't know. I also want to go to the grocery store cause I want some type of seafood. I don't know what exactly, I just know I have a craving. I read somewhere that when you have a craving its your body telling you that you really need somemthing. Unless of course your craving junkfood. Although that could be wrong cause you know, if you crave sugar, maybe you need sugar. I had a friend once who said he had a craving for turtle soup even though he never had it before. That kind of makes you wonder.

I just asked one of my coworkers who ate turtle soup once what it tasted like. She said it was absolutlely terrible. I asked her what it tasted like and she said chicken. I know that sounds weird that weird foods seems to always taste like chicken but I really think its true. I had alligator once and it really tasted like chicken. I had mako shark at red lobster once, it didn't taste like chicken but thats seafood so it doesn't count. I also had fried mealy worms at the Bloomsburg fair back in the eighties and geuss what? Thats right, tasted like chicken. Although it was kind of crunchy.

1/05/2005 01:41:00 PM
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