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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Okay, so it never iced up yesterday like they predicted which is super cool. So I went to the store after work yesterday to check out the seafood specials because of the craving I was having. Well as I was walking past the fresh vegtable isle (peppers inparticular) my urge for seafood completley changed into an urge for hamburger steak. So I bought peppers, mushrooms, worcesthire sauce (wooster sauce for you new englanders), balsamic vinegar (I have the gravy and ground beef at home), and thats what I made last night and ate today. So my seafood craving is gone and I really don't have much of a craving right now. Although I could dig some corn on the cob, but thats just barely a craving, I saw someone eating it on tv and that kind of triggered the thought.

All day today one of my coworkers has been talking about how because of diabetes, her grandmothers leg is being cut off. Yea, I know this is a terrible thing, but yeesh, mention it once and be done. I mean, she won't stop talking about it ALL DAY! She started it up at ten a.m. and every time someone new comes in the room she tells them about her grandmother losing her leg today. I swear if she mentions it one more time I am going to use profanity. Thank gosh she's a temp, I think she's gone next week (we're getting rid of her and getting a different, this one is really slow in the head, if you know what I mean).

One other quick note about yesterday's shopping trip. Standing in line in front of me was a guy who had what I would say was the most perfect tan in the world. It was definatly a tan, and not you know just skin color. I think the girl behind me noticed it too because we both were staring at him (although she was probably staring at him because he was attractive). Well, I had a while to work the urge up because the lady in front of him was writing a check. I mean, I just had to know, I haven't seen the sun in these parts in like a week and a half, and here's this guy standing next to all us pasty white people that looks like he just stepped out of Key West.

ME: Hey, man, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get that tan this time of year?
Tan Man: Three weeks, fun and sun in the Grand Bahamas, my man.
ME: Wow, too cool!
Tan Man: Nah, just kidding. Pamela J's Hair Nail & Tanning Salon in Lancaster.

1/06/2005 01:38:00 PM
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