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Monday, May 23, 2005

I wanted to start this over the weekend but I forgot my password. There was no sense in having the password emailed to me cause I forgot the password to my yahoo email that I used to set up this blog years ago. I guess I could have had my yahoo email password mailed to me but I don't use the email service that I used as an alternate when I set up my yahoo email. So I guess my yahoo email is gone forever (I did read that some family of someone killed in Iraq successfully got copies of his email but I don't think they would do that for me). Then again, if I was killed or something I wouldn't want my family reading my email. I could just see my forlorn parents sifting through my last emails as some type or tribute or something. They could see that when the local a.m station pulled Phil Hendrie off the air that I called them "meanies", or that I emailed McDonalds to complain that they shouldn't have mentally challenged folks maning the drive through cause they're hard to understand. Oh, and the one I sent to my co-workerer complaining that my mom (who raised me for 18 years) can't seem to remember that I'm allergic to fresh fruit and keeps putting apples into salads when I visit. (I don't want to remind her that I'm allergic cause then I'm afraid that she would think she's getting senile, I just pick around the fruit and take benedryl which makes me sleepy. Conversley my mom thinks I work to hard and thats why I am always taking naps when I visit).
Anyways, after trying twenty different variations of my password I got it right. Now I just have to change my email on the web page.
Oh yea, stopped blogging cause I moved, got promoted got way to busy. I'm in a groove now though.
5/23/2005 09:39:00 AM
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